U.S. Finally Getting Tough On -- Danish Supermodels!

Besides President Bush and the Senate, who says we can’t deport individuals who are here undocumented and illegal? Read page 7 of today’s NY Post (my favorite newspaper) and you’ll see that we’ve done just that to “Danish diva” May Andersen. Andersen, a Sports Illustrated supermodel, has been deported back to Amsterdam, or maybe Copenhagen, or anywhere except here in the U.S.

Meanwhile, 12 million illegals crossing over from Mexico are welcome. Come on down!

Don’t know about you, but I feel much safer now that Andersen is going, going, gone.

We sure don’t want beautiful women clogging up our streets and making trouble.

Andersen, who has lived mostly in New York since 2000, did commit a crime. Here: “Andersen was arrested Thursday after allegedly belting a flight attendant on a flight to Miami.” Next step – deportation. In fact, Customs agents were on hand to make sure she got on the plane and didn't try to sneak back in.

CAN she get back in? Authorities say Andersen is “inadmissible” under a program that permits some visitors to enter without visas.

She fails to meet a certain “required burden of proof.”

Now that’s tough action and tough talk, exactly what we expect: a government that enforces our laws.

But then we turn to page 20 of the same NY Post and find irony where no irony is intended.

Alongside the photo of our president, here’s the headline: BOOTING ALL ILLEGALS IS JUST LOCO, BUSH SAYS.


No need to pursue the rest of the story. You’ve got the gist, and maybe you can figure it out. I can’t.

I just feel so much safer now that we’ve got one less supermodel to worry about. How about you?