Five Letter Word for MSM Bias: 'T-O-D-A-Y'

When yet another gloomy segment on gas prices and the pessimistic prospects for the GOP finally drew to an end on this morning's Today show, you might have thought that a fluffy piece on crosswords and how mental games help keep aging minds sharp would have offered a respite from liberal media bias.

Think again.

Hollywood-handsome NBC reporter Peter Alexander somehow managed to work into his segment clips of two liberal icons: Bill Clinton and Jon Stewart! Both are apparently crossword aficionados. Who knew?

Perhaps most amusing: Clinton was seen musing that the answer to a given crossword clue might be "ICBM." Can you imagine if, say, Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld had been shown doing the same thing? We can all see the headline now: "Bombs on the Brain?"

A quick aside on the gasoline-price segment: both David Gregory and Katie Couric surprisingly suggested that there was little in reality that the government can do to bring prices down. That didn't stop Tim Russert from 'helpfully' suggesting that President Bush "go after the oil companies" and/or impose a windfall profits tax.

In any case, NBC again demonstrated that it's possible to work liberal politics into even the most innocuous topic. Five letter word for 'bias'?: T-O-D-A-Y

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Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.