WashPost Cartoonist Bizarrely Writes Media Doesn't Let Obama Boast About Obamacare's 'Huge Success'

The Washington Post sometimes lets its very liberal (and artistically challenged) political cartoonist Tom Toles rant with words. On Tuesday, he wrote a little piece called “Obamacare a Huge Success.”

It won’t surprise you that Toles thinks it’s a huge success merely because of its collectivist aims (“humane universal coverage”), not its actual functioning. What’s surprising is that he decries an “endless river of disingenuous carping,” then proceeds to claim disingenuously that media outlets channel only (a) harsh criticism of Obamacare or (b) middling criticism of Obamacare. Did he entirely miss the last 24 hours of Obama trash talk?

Let’s introduce a new category into the discussion. So far we’ve had two. The first is that Obamacare may make it by the skin of its teeth. The second is that’s it’s a total failure and the worst thing since unsliced bread. Time for a third: It’s a huge success and a triumph and a historic achievement and an immeasurable benefit to the American people.

I’ll stake out this lonely ground, because the allowed media narratives have other things to do. The allowed narratives are, first, the hysterical made-up Republican one, which we must all treat with feigned respect and write it up as spoken as if it makes sense or is sincere. And the other allowed narrative is that the hysterical made-up Republican narrative may not be ENTIRELY the whole story, and maybe the truth lies somewhere in the middle between this and the never-reported or discussed actual liberal point of view (single payer). The next-best alternative, a robust defense of Obamacare has also been next to impossible to find. I’m here today to (not for the first time) provide this missing piece of the conversation.

Here it is, in brief. The American healthcare system was a disgraceful mess before Obamacare, leaving growing numbers of people uncovered in a system of unchecked and runaway wasteful costs. Since Obamacare was passed the standard has changed and we are moving toward humane universal coverage, like every other advanced nation. And the costs and delivery systems are finally subject to at least the beginnings of a discussion about costs and results. Sanity and humanity prevailed, for once.

Now you may return to the endless river of disingenuous carping.

This is a nearly perfect example of the way liberals argue. We are advanced, humane, sane, and  everyone who disagrees with us is the opposite -- insane, inhumane, and incredibly antiquated. Any critique of the creeping socialist dream is automatically hysterical, imaginary, nonsensical, and insincere. Does this sound like the kind of person who will listen calmly to a point of view different than his own?


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