Actress Eva Longoria On The Early Show: "I Didn't Cross The Border, The Border Crossed Us"

Not even Harry Smith’s day off from the "Early Show" on CBS could spare viewers from his liberal agenda. In a previously taped segment, Smith interviewed actress Eva Longoria about her new movie "The Sentinel." While most of the interview revolved around the movie, Smith couldn’t resist asking the Latin actress about her views on immigration:

"Let me ask you a serious question. All the stuff that's happened over the last couple of weeks with immigration, and what's happening in Washington, what has your own heart been feeling about it?"

Longoria’s response was full of cliche and support for immigrants. However, like Harry Smith, she doesn’t distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. She even went on to infer that Mexicans have a right to be in America:

"Well you know it's a shame because we're the land of immigrants. I think its kind of an oxymoron to be fighting this battle about immigrants when everybody is traced back to an immigrant at one time or another. And you wouldn't be here if your ancestors hadn't had a chance back in the day, so why not give these people a chance. And, you know, I grew up in South Texas where I didn't cross the border, the border crossed us. So we were Mexicans, then one day we were Americans."

She is correct that America is a land of immigrants. But to insinuate that legal and legal immigration are the same by not separating the two is wrong and misleading. America welcomes immigrants who follow the rules and come here legally, and it is not anti-immigrant to insist that our laws be obeyed and our borders be secure.

In other news from the "Early Show" this morning, Julie Chen, in a short anchor read, pointed out that the price of oil is continuing to rise, and the lengths some people are going to pay for it:

"Oil prices reached a new record this morning, at one point they topped $73 a barrel. That's not helping high gas prices; some are going to extremes to pay for gas, pawning their belongings."

There is nothing new about people going to "extremes" to pay for gas. No matter what the cost there is always someone who pawns their possessions to pay for it or hangs around the station asking other customers for money so they can fill up their tank. Yet, I guess now that gas prices are increasing nationwide, the media feel the need to sensationalize the story.

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