NY Times Still Crusading Against Unpaid Interns -- While It Keeps Exploiting Them

Long after Vice.com's eye-opening expose of  unpaid interns at allegedly progressive media outlets (“Exploited Laborers of the Liberal Media”), the hypocrisy of the Left continues. BuzzFeed reported The New York Times published an editorial on Sunday praising New York University and Columbia for moving away from unpaid internships. They cheered a stop to offering academic credit for "exploited interns," as they “mostly functioned as a fig leaf for employers, who could pretend that the credit somehow justified not paying for a student’s work.”

Buzzfeed found "it was a little striking then to see the Times’ March 3 job listing for an unpaid spring semester video intern."

"The ideal candidate will work between 10 and 20 hours a week “for school credit” and must be “enrolled in a greater NYC-area college pursuing a full-time degree in a related creative field,” the ad said.

This has been a habit, questioning free interns in its content, and exploiting them in business. See Poynter in 2012: "NY Times offers unpaid internships after reporting on their questionable legality.'

Perhaps it's the right occasion for Times media columnist David Carr to turn his published outrage at unpaid internships around on the bosses.

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