Tucker Loses His Bowtie

Tucker Carlson is trying something new to possibly boost ratings for his MSNBC show "The Situation." He's losing his trademark bowtie. The New York Post reported last week:

THIS is the last you'll see of Tucker Carlson with his trademark bow tie.

"I'm not wearing a bow tie" anymore, the MSNBC host wrote in his blog yesterday. "This is odd for me. I've worn a bow tie on television every night for the past six years, and for 15 years off-air before that . . . Since I was in the 10th grade.

"I've certainly spent a lot of time defending them. But from now on, I'm going without."

Carlson says he's ditching the bow tie simply for the sake of change.

"No, I didn't lose a bet. It is not a political statement. I didn't ditch the bow tie as a protest, or in solidarity with any oppressed group," he writes.

"It's not a ratings ploy. I just decided I wanted to give my neck a break. A little change is good once in a while.

"I feel better already."