HuffPo: More Porn Means More Sex

Still searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Try porn – or so recommends The Huffington Post.

Just in time for February 14, the staff at HuffPo announced, “People Who Watch More Porn Have More Sex, Survey Finds.” The finding left HuffPo “surprised,” although, for the staff, “These results back up what we already believed: that porn isn't just for men or single people, and can be a positive way for couples to connect and communicate.” The survey came from adult webcam site (now that’s an example of impartiality) and French survey institute IFOP.

To illustrate porn’s benefits, HuffPo posted a “Happy Valentine’s Day” infographic which revealed, among other things, how porn is a “relationship saver!” as “adult entertainment appears to be increasingly integrated into the sex life of Americans.”

While HuffPo (surprisingly) acknowledged porn’s damage, the staff argued the benefits outweighed the bad: “Though porn can certainly be a destructive force in people's sex lives, it seems like adult entertainment can be a positive force when used consensually and communicated about.”

Compare that to organizations dedicated to fighting porn, such as Morality in Media (MIM), which argue that porn increases violence against women. Among other things, MIM found that, “Pornography, which portrays women deriving pleasure from physical abuse, tends to enable men to foster attitudes more forgiving of violence against women and to become more comfortable with the ‘idea’ of rape.”

Even liberal Oprah condemned porn via Rabbi Shmuley and warned:

  • “Porn is a drug that leads to addiction.”
  • "Porn is a form of sexism.”
  • “Porn portrays all women in one of four degrading, dehumanizing categories.” 
  • “Porn makes men get bored with their own wives.” 

“Porn cultivates a single standard of beauty that no real women can live up to.” 

But HuffPo insisted, “Anyone who equates watching porn with an unsatisfactory sex life might want to bite their tongue.”

HuffPo’s porn advocacy is nothing new, having cited a sex toy maker survey to push porn to women in the past.

— Katie Yoder is Staff Writer, Joe and Betty Anderlik Fellow in Culture and Media at the Media Research Center. Follow Katie Yoder on Twitter.

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