Politico's Dylan Byers Jumped on Maine GOP Governor for 'Inventing Stories,' But Skipped Wendy Davis

Politico media reporter Dylan Byers jumped on the story of Maine Gov. Paul LePage and his claim on the Laura Ingraham Show that  Portland (Maine) Press Herald reporter Colin Woodward chased after his ex-wife and children in Canada for a Politico article. "He does have a tendency to invent stories," Woodard said. "I'm surprised that he can maintain his status as a public figure and say these things and think it won't catch up with him."

But Byers hasn’t found any time to report on how the media’s covering the invented stories of Texas Democrat Wendy Davis. This is a little weird seeing Byers left the liberal pack last September and said conservatives were right about pro-Davis bias.

Politico has barely touched the Davis story, with lame-sounding brief stories like "Wendy Davis hits back at questions about bio" and most recently, "Ex-council colleague defends Davis."

Politico's magazine also has an article by NARAL Pro-Choice America boss Ilyse Hogue under a picture of Wendy Davis sneakers titled "2014: The Year The Pro-Choice Crowd Fights Back." What? Did we miss the article on "2013: The Year the Pro-Choice Crowd Folds Like A Cheap Tent"?

Hogue only briefly mentioned "Gov. Rick Perry had to call two special sessions to get the Texas abortion restrictions that made Wendy Davis a national star passed by the state Senate."

Well, Politico doesn't seem to acknowledge the surprise that Wendy Davis can maintain her status as a national star and think these biographical lies won't catch up with her.

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