Barbara Streisand: Psychoanalyst Extraordinaire

Carl Limbacher at spotted the latest item from Barbara Streisand's "Truth Alert" (think of it as her own Media Matters).

In her latest "Truth Alert," Dr. Streisand explores what she describes as the "psycho-social reasons relating to Bush’s decision to invade Iraq."

Turns out, according to the oracle of Malibu, Bush has "a long-standing father and son competition based on feelings of jealousy and inadequacy."

Posits Streisand: "Bush saw the opportunity to emerge from his father's shadow and no longer be seen as the perpetual underachiever who consistently failed under the watchful eye of his accomplished father."

By invading Iraq, she insists, Bush 43 "had the chance to finish what he feels his father was unable to finish. And he could finally have the opportunity to achieve something his father was unsuccessful in achieving...a two-term presidency."

Thus, says the Freudian "Funny Girl," "the warmongering Bush administration was given the perfect rationale for waging a war: combating terrorism."

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