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Starters: China bans new non-science and tech publications. Is Bush admin's PR strategy partly to blame for low poll numbers? ABC to run new "10 Commandments" featuring low-self-esteem Moses. NY Post gossip says he was framed by billionaire.

Politics: LAT looks at leaking as necessity, crime, and public service. Democrats see pro-illegal-immigration rallies as good recruiting ground. Will Joe Lieberman seek independent bid for Senate after being targeted by liberal activists? WT looks at the race to succeed Tom DeLay as unofficial House conservative leader.

Misc: Italians turn ephithet into political slogan (and to victory?). Ultra-orthodox computer "sex commando" hackers target Israeli porn sites. Malaysian man receives phone bill for USD 218 trillion.

UPDATE 15:50. Looks like exit polls in Italy may also overestimate left-wing strength at the ballot box just like American pollsters did for the 2004 American presidential election. After appearing behind in earlier exit surveys, center-right prime minister Silvio Berlusconi seems likely to win at this point.

Open Thread
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