NYT's Maureen Dowd Puts Her Own Lamely Anti-Catholic Words in John Boehner's Mouth

On Wednesday, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd decided to invent a running commentary from House Speaker John Boehner on how Republicans stink at talking to women. “Some of these punks and losers in the Tea Party who have joined up with us do not have a clue how to smooth talk dolls,” she imagined him saying at an Italian restaurant.

Some could argue it's a little rich for Dowd to mock contempt for women when she's written a book titled "Are Men Necessary?" Dowd, who claims to be Catholic, went on a tear late in this burst of allegedly humorous fiction agaist Republicans having a "square, uptight Mother Superior past" and being "18-karat idiots trying to curb birth control." As if that sounds anything like Boehner:

“And altar boy Paul Ryan and these 18-karat idiots trying to curb birth control? Birth control makes the world go round, baby. We don’t want to be leading a party that’s against sex. That’s a sure way to go home alone. Sex is popular. We can get away with saying no to a lot of things. No means no. But saying no to sex leads to bombsville.

“The way we run things, we should have been tossed out long ago, since most of the country thinks we’re living in the past. And it’s not a cool, crazy, swingin’ past. It’s a square, uptight, Mother Superior past.

“Speaking of Mother Superior, we’ve got to get the broads back in line before Hillary runs. That’s real woman trouble there."

When, oh when, will these feminists stop calling someone else "idiots" as they  insist conservative Catholics are out to smack the birth control pills out of women's hands? Wanting to avoid paying for someone else's contraceptives is not the same as "banning" or "curbing" contraceptives. If men aren't necessary, Maureen, then certainly contraception is obsolete.

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