Duke Rape Accuser Drew Massive Media to False Charges; Not So Her Murder Conviction

Michael Chapman at our sister site CNSNews.com was featured on the Drudge Report for noticing how the national media weren’t all over the story of Crystal Mangum, the false accuser in the Duke lacrosse case, was convicted of second-degree murder.

Chapman found her original charges – anonymously made – were much more attractive to liberal reporters looking for a white-racism narrative than the criminal aftermath:

When Crystal Mangum falsely accused several Duke lacrosse players of rape in 2006, there were 160 major television news stories in the first five days after the players were arrested, but in 2013, when Mangum was convicted of murder and sentenced to 14 years in prison, there were only 3 major television news stories, a difference in coverage of 5,233%.

When the Duke lacrosse-rape story broke in March/April 2006, it was huge news, garnering massive, widespread coverage by the networks ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as by FOX, CNN and MSNBC, and the print press, such as USA Today, New York Times and Washington Post....

Last Friday, Nov. 22, Crystal Mangum, the false Duke-rape accuser, was convicted by a jury of second-degree murder – she had stabbed her boyfriend – and sentenced to 14 years in prison.  In the five days since, Nov. 22-26, a Nexis news search of the words Crystal Mangum, murder, Duke, and lacrosse in "All English Language News" reveals there were 48 total news stories but only 3 major television news reports – one on Fox and two on CNN.

Read more at CNSNews.com.

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