Bill O'Reilly Needles Liberal Radio Host That Her Surgeon Husband Opposes Obamacare

Fox’s Bill O’Reilly brought on two liberal pundits on Tuesday’s Factor. He set the table against Obamacare: “According to an op-ed today in The Wall Street Journal, spending on health care will reach almost $3 trillion this year alone. That's more than 25 percent above what was spent in 2007. In fact the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid estimate health care spending will rise to $5 trillion a year in this country in 2022.”

He pestered liberal radio host Leslie Marshall with how her surgeon husband is probably not an Obamacare fan. He’s not:

O’REILLY: Now your -- your husband is a doctor.


O'REILLY: I thought your husband is a doctor.

MARSHALL: He said, I get in trouble every time I mention, I'm glad you did. Yes, he's an orthopedic surgeon.

O'REILLY: Okay, so your husband is an orthopedic surgeon. Is he happy with this Obamacare? He is?

MARSHALL: Oh, God you have to do this to me. We had a huge fight in the car the other night. You would love him the other night, Bill.

O'REILLY: Okay, so I'm assuming -- I don't want.

MARSHALL: Actually all the doctors are not happy because of their bottom -- their bottom line is going to reduce!

O'REILLY: I'm not getting in the car with you and your husband. I am assuming that he is not happy with it.

The other pundit, Mary Anne Marsh, wasn’t budging from the Obama line: “You've laid out some of the truth and many facts. And the fact is healthcare costs have been rising for decades and to blame Obamacare for continued cost increases would be to ignore the facts.”

When he threw the last 20 seconds to Marshall for her to say her piece, she tried this: “Well I think the taxation on the tanning booth is a good thing. Poor George Hamilton will have to pay more to try and get skin cancer.”

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