Obama Had 2007 Office 'Portrait Session' With Pornographer

Over at our sister site CNSNews.com, reporter Barbara Boland has discovered that Barack Obama welcomed a pornographer into his Senate office in 2007 for a photo shoot for the hip-hop magazine Vibe.

The cover featured Obama looking at his watch with the headline “It’s Obama Time.” Vibe editor Danyel Smith lamely claimed to NPR back then “it is not an endorsement, even though I've had people tell me it's an implied endorsement. It's not an endorsement, and I say so in my editor's note.” Boland reported:  

On June 20, 2007, then-Sen. Barack Obama (D.-Ill.), who was seeking the Democratic presidential nomination at the time, hosted a “portrait session” in his U.S. Senate office where he posed for and with Terry Richardson, a man already well-known, as the flyleaf of a coffee-table collection of his work put it, as the photographer who “took 1970s porn esthetic and made it fashion chic.”

“Who uses his fashion money to fund an X-rated website? Yes, Richardson,” said the flyleaf to the 2004 book Terryworld, published by Taschen Books. “And who can’t resist getting his clothes off and jumping in front of his own lens? Well, that would be Terry Richardson as well,” said the flyleaf.

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