Alec Baldwin: “McCain with Russert…Wall-to-Wall B.S.”

I’m really beginning to love Alec Baldwin. Honestly. You know, if you want to get a pulse of how the extreme left thinks in our nation, you can visit websites like Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, or Maybe watch a Michael Moore “film,” listen to a Barbra Streisand tune, or even play a videotape of Howard Dean shouting non sequiturs at the top of his if there was much of a difference.

On the other hand, you can just as easily check out the most recent blog entry by actor Alec Baldwin at Huff-n-Puff. The beauty is that whether he’s making himself look like a vacuous political imposter on HBO’s “Real Time,” or auditioning for a position as a talk radio host in New York City only to be so embarrassed by callers Sean Hannity and Mark Levin that he is forced to stomp out of the studio like a two-year-old, Baldwin never disappoints.

This is why his most recent blog entry at Huff-n-Puff on Monday should be must reading for those interested in seeing up close what true liberal media bias is all about. Right from the opening paragraph, the discerning reader was made aware of the great likelihood that Baldwin was apt to stick his foot so far into his mouth that he would end up looking like one of those Mummenschanz performers:

“I watched Chuck Hagel on TV this Sunday, with Evan Bayh, on Wolf Blitzer's show. What an engaging program. Two smart, reasonable members of the US Senate, having a well-moderated conversation on the issues. (Blitzer may be the best journalist on television today.)”

Yes, Alec, it must have been wonderful watching two Democrats and a RINO discuss politics, for there wasn’t a chance that anybody would say something you disagreed with. So, why in heavens would you pick up your remote if you were experiencing such ignorant bliss: “Turn the channel and there is Tim Russert, huffing and puffing, to try to get a lasso around John McCain and his two tons of bull____ about why he no longer thinks Falwell is a nutbag and why the Christian Right deserves inclusion in his upcoming campaign strategy.” Again, Alec, why did you change the channel?

Of course, like much of his left-wing counterparts, Baldwin wasn’t just changing channels this weekend. He was also changing his opinion about the used-to-be lovable, oh-so-moderate Senator John McCain. In fact, Baldwin must have conveniently forgotten – a failing common to his ilk – what he said about the senator from Arizona back on September 12, 2004 on the former CNBC program, “Topic A with Tina Brown”: “If John McCain were running for president of the United States and John McCain beat a presidential candidate that I worshipped, if the John F. Kennedy came back from the dead and ran for president and lost to John McCain, I could live with that. Because John McCain to me is an honorable man who stands for something.”

I guess Sen. McCain isn’t so honorable anymore, is he, Alec? Of course, “honor” to folks like you means thinking like folks like you, doesn’t it? It was almost like Baldwin received the Democrat talking points on McCain, for his new words were not much different than what was dribbling out of the mouths of Democrat guests on the political talk shows all this weekend:

“He speaks more quietly. He's more measured. No problem there, until he starts to snuggle up to Christian conservatives who, no doubt, need to play a role in the '08 campaign. The same people he renounced (view those clips) as dangerous to the future of his party. McCain with Russert...wall-to-wall bull____.”

So much for McCain being “an honorable man who stands for something” – as if people like Baldwin would know what such a person would look like. But Baldwin’s dander wasn’t only up for McCain. After all, no liberal rant can be complete these days without some reference to the scene of the original sin:

“Other races: let's all sit back and watch that lying, thieving Katherine Harris' political future slowly wither and die as more and more staff and operatives abandon her campaign. Can you think of anyone who deserves this more than her? (Maybe Jeb Bush.)”

Lying and thieving? Nicely done, Alec. In one fell swoop, you insulted two key Republican figures involved in the Florida recount. Frankly, it’s a bit shocking that you didn’t bring up Diebold voting machines in Ohio, or Halliburton for that matter.

Regardless, from there, Alec moved north to his home state to demonstrate that he’s not just poorly informed about national politics: “New Yorkers, after THREE TERMS of the inconceivably dull and uninspiring Pataki, are dreaming of Spitzer as Governor. Truly. Eliot Spitzer will make for one of the greatest public servants in NY history.”

“Inconceivably dull and uninspiring?” So that’s why New Yorkers re-elected him twice! Frankly, Alec, I can’t wait for your next post. Could you send me an e-mail notification when it’s done?

Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of NewsBusters, passed away in March of 2014.