Olbermann on New ESPN Show: 'There's No Such Clause That Said I Could Not Talk About Politics'

The New York Times claimed last week that Keith Olbermann was given a new late night show on ESPN2 with the caveat that he not discuss politics.

Speaking to reporters at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour Wednesday, Olbermann denied this saying, "There's no such clause that said I could not talk about politics, there is no such clause referring to content about anything that we might do on the show."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Olbermann also said, "I'm not intending to talk about politics, certainly not in the partisan sense and not in the sense that I did in the last 10 years of work that I've done for the simple reason in that it's a sports show."

However, if politics intersects with sports, he said he would cover it. And, Olbermann apparently is bringing back his "Worst Person" segment, but changing it to "The Worst Person in Sports."

"We're going to adapt that but [Olbermann] will be a sportscast with my stamp on it," he said.

Despite being fired from his last two positions at MSNBC and Current TV, Olbermann is still as arrogant as ever.

(Readers are advised to remove all fluids, flammables, and sharp instruments from their computer's proximity before reading any further.)

"We start from the point of view where my opinion isn't only respected but solicited," he actually said.

I hope readers heeded my warning. 

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