CNN's Strange Stephanie Cutter: Claims Christie's Big Win Was 'Rejection of the Republican Party'

I couldn’t believe it as I saw it on Election Night: CNN analyst-Democratic flack Stephanie Cutter claimed Chris Christie’s big victory should be read as a “rejection of the Republican Party.” Bill Kristol had just proclaimed Christie was “impressive” and “Obamacare is toxic.”

Some at NewsBusters HQ said, “Come on, it’s Stephanie Cutter.” But this kind of mockable junk it exactly what defines Stephanie Cutter. It’s the sheer Wasserman-Schultziness of it all:

PIERS MORGAN: Stephanie Cutter, is that your take on it? Well, how are you reading tonight?

CUTTER: I read it as a rejection of the Republican Party. Which is much different than what Bill just said. I mean, if you look at what's happening in New Jersey, Chris Christie run not as a partisan Republican but really as a moderate.

And the thing that bolstered his numbers from the beginning was the hurricane, Hurricane Sandy [sic] where he put politics aside and got heavily criticized by the Republican Party. But look at exits in New Jersey. Even though Chris Christie here is an overwhelming win there for him, they're rejecting the Republican Party, 58 percent disapproved of the Republican Party.

Perhaps it should be argue that polls showing the voters “disapproved of the Republican Party” as Christie won dramatically shows that’s not a very functional question in determining electoral victory. But for Cutter, it’s full steam ahead!

Mediaite picked up on the Lame Alert as well.

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