Matthews Says McAuliffe Leading in Virginia With Graphic On Screen Showing Cuccinelli Up 53-37

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews moments ago said “Democrat Terry McAuliffe is leading” in Virginia’s governor’s race.

Rather deliciously, he said this with a graphic on screen showing Republican Ken Cuccinelli up 53-37 (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: We continue to watch the numbers come in down in Virginia where NBC News is characterizing the governor’s race there as too early to call. But Democrat Terry McAuliffe is leading. Back with more results in a minute.

Now Matthews later in the show mentioned that exit polls show McAuliffe leading.

However, as no one has called this including his own network, it does seem foolish to talk about McAuliffe leading at the same time you're showing a graphic indicating he's getting trounced:

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