Leftist Lawyer/Radio Host Still Finds Deep South Full Of Klansmen

Leftist trial lawyer and bomb thrower Mike Papantonio filled in on the Ed Schultz radio show on Wednesday. With all of Obama's troubles, a black caller started telling some story about his dad's health care troubles in 1970 and then reliably blamed today's troubles, like then, on “systematic racism. They’d prefer to have the country go down the tubes, rather than have this guy in office.”

Like many liberals, Papantonio said the South went Republican under Reagan because his campaign aide Lee Atwater said “let me tap into that hate.” But then the "Pap smears" really started flying, as somehow most of the South is still so racist they might as well burn "KKK" across the top of their Baptist churches:

All you gotta do is just look at the numbers. Why is the South suddenly all Republican? It's the same reason that they were all Democrat, you see. And so, this doesn't take a lot of analysis. I'm always amazed when I hear some sociologist just trying to analyze what's happened down here. You know, they say it's religious.

Well, you've got Southern Baptist churches down here that may as well, you know, be burning KKK across the top of the church because that's, that's the level of racism that's still alive in places like Mississippi and Alabama, even in southern, even in northern Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina. It's all about race. Just like you said, it’s all about race.

Papantonio also told about a study asking why“Teabag legislators....talk so stupid to their constituents,” at a sixth-grade level, and he said the answer was “They’re not really great historians, they’re like Bush, they’re not great readers, all they’re there for is to be a demagogue for their constituents in that gerrymandered area.”

If a conservative talk show host claimed gerrymandered Congressional Black Caucus members weren't great readers and just demogogue for their race-obsessed constitutents, how would that fly?


Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis