Quad City Quacks: Editorial Denounces Tea Party for 'Congressional Terrorism'

The Quad-City Times (based on the state line in Davenport, Iowa) sounds like four Democrats in an editorial titled "Congressional Terrorism." It began: "We’ve read and heard all of the justifications for the congressional impasse that is terrorizing our nation.    We use the word “terror” emphatically. What else can you call tactics the perpetrators fully intend to wreck the stock market, throw people out of work and remove any semblance of stability for economic growth?"

But this is the real laugh line: “Like it or not, that’s how Obamacare became law. Proponents didn’t just lob insults. They courted the opposition, offered compromises and did the hard work of governance.” Was this writer in a coma in 2010? Not a single Republican voted for this.

The editorialist wants to sound non-partisan, that "The problems facing America are not the fault of a single party’s legislators. Neither can they be solved by a single party." But "The House GOP majority could govern and pass legislation. But under John Boehner’s waffling direction, it has chosen to squander the faith American voters put in them. This collection of tea party candidates hasn’t grasped that they are legislators paid to govern, not campaign."

This could be construed as a valentine for freshman Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.), who defeateed Tea Party Rep. Bobby Schilling in 2012. It's also a Democrat in the House on the Iowa side right now. Rep. David Loebsack.

[HT: Dan Gainor]

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