Possibly the Most Spectacular Goal in NHL History

It's a metaphysical certitude you haven't heard of Tomas Hertl, but after what he did in Tuesday's game between the New York Rangers and the San Jose Sharks you will.

With the Sharks already ahead 7 to 2, and eight minutes left in the third period, Hertl made possibly the most spectacular goal in NHL history.

That was Hertl's fourth goal of the night making him the youngest player in NHL history to score four goals in a game, and he apparently practices that shot every day.


As someone that's been watching hockey for almost 50 years and played it as a kid, I've never seen anything like that including from greats such as Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky.

Here's to the Sharks' 19-year-old Czech rookie. It seems a metaphysical certitude we're going to hear a lot more from him.

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