Saturday Night Unintentionally Funny Video: Zero Information Voters

Never mind Rush Limbaugh’s warnings about misguided “low information voters.” CNN stumbled upon some best dubbed “zero information voters” – though one hopes they are never allowed near a ballot box.

Finding confirmation for a Kaiser Family Foundation poll which found 43 percent of those without health insurance “still have no idea about the new exchanges,” one man speculated ObamaCare “has something to do with caring about people” and another demanded to know: “I’m just wondering, as a citizen of America, how come I did not hear of this?”

Audio: MP3 clip

In a story narrated by Zain Asher, which ran on Friday’s (Sept. 27) noontime EDT Around the World, the incredibly ill-informed man asked a woman, from what Asher described as “an army of ObamaCare experts” trolling a neighborhood on North Bergen, New Jersey:

“I have a question. Who created this affordable health care plan that you’re speaking of?”

The ObamaCare recruiter answered: “This was passed by Congress.” The man seemed to recognize that institution: “Oh, Congress.” The woman then told him the law is called “the Affordable Care Act.”

His indignant response: “And I’m just wondering, as a citizen of America, how come I did not hear of this?”

Because he didn’t bother to consume a shred of news in 2009 and 2010 or since.

Brent Baker
Brent Baker
Brent Baker is the Steven P.J. Wood Senior Fellow and VP for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center