Nicolle Wallace: Republicans Trying To Defund ObamaCare Like Two-year Olds Running Into Traffic

A Morning Joe kind of Republican?  With Joe Scarborough absent today, was Nicolle Wallace assuming the role of the Republican who gets more satisfaction from ripping fellow members of her party than in criticizing Democrats? 

Wallace mocked congressional Republicans who are trying to defund ObamaCare, analogizing them to two-year olds on scooters racing into traffic against a red light.  She suggested that the "adults" in the party need to restrain them.  View the video after the jump.

Wallace—who served as W's communications director and later famously clashed with Sarah Palin when serving as her adviser during the 2008 campaign—argued that the attempt to defund ObamaCare has no chance of success, and thus that pursuing it will squander any current political advantage that Republicans might hold.

Note: could the giveaway in Wallace's statement be her reference to living near "Central Park West"?  Could Wallace, like Scarborough, be suffering from a Republican form of Stockholm Syndrome?

WILLIE GEIST: Walk us through this a little bit. John boehner, obviously made a conscious decision to side with the conservatives in his party and go the route of perhaps forcing a government shutdown to defund ObamaCare. What's the strategy here?

NICOLLE WALLACE: I want to go back to the conversation about adults. You have young children, you have four children. You're about to have young children. I have a two-year old. And sometimes when he's on his scooter he wants to cross the street even when the light is red on Central Park West, cars move very fast. It is your job as the parent to hold the child in the scooter from running into traffic because he would get squished . . . We're actually at a moment as Republicans where even Bernie Sanders has described our party as on the offense. And now we are going to let our party run into moving traffic against a red light. It's idiotic.

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