The CW Goes PC: One-Hour Drama on 'Most Well-adjusted' Transgender Teenager

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that The CW network, the network desperately playing around with gender and marriage this season on "America’s Next Top Model" to stoke ratings, is now planning a one-hour drama focused on a “transgender teen.” The show is called “Ze,” after the gender-blurred pronoun preferred by some “trans” activists.

Unsurprisingly in today’s era of LGBT propaganda on television, the star of the show “may be the most well-adjusted” character on the show:

Written by playwright-musician Kyle Jarrow, Ze revolves around a Texas teenager who announces that she is transgendered and will be living life as a boy. As his dysfunctional family spirals into identity crises of their own, he discovers that despite his appearance, he may be the most well-adjusted of them all.

While there have been a few transgender characters on broadcast series, most notably the wildly implausible “trans woman” Rebecca Romijn on ABC’s "Ugly Betty," this is the first time a show is built around a gender-confused lead character. Liberals are now interested in how far the “diversity” consciousness will go, asking “whether or not they’ll cast someone who is transgender in the role.”

Jarrow won an Obie Award at age 24 for his Off-Broadway hit "A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant."

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