Mort Zuckerman: Part-Timers Will Near 50% of Workforce Due to ObamaCare

The Obama-loving media refuse to report the metaphysical certitude that the President's healthcare reform legislation is destined to end the 40 hour work week.

On PBS's McLaughlin Group this weekend, media mogul Mort Zuckerman predicted, "Part-time employment is going to grow from 25 percent of the workforce to close to 50 percent of the workforce in part because of the problems of healthcare obligations."

Quite frankly, I think part-time employment will grow well beyond 50 percent, and the 40 hour work week is going the way of the dodo.

If ObamaCare is fully implemented, workers averaging more than 29 1/2 hours per week with one employer will be quite uncommon except amongst the highest paid in the nation.

With this in mind, history is likely to look upon Barack Obama's signature piece of legislation as harming the middle class more than any bill in American history.

Quite a price for roughly 15 million more Americans to get free or subsidized health insurance, wouldn't you say?

All together now: hip hip hooray!

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