MSNBC's Thomas Roberts Feels 'Blessed' to Be 'My Full Self' Selling Pro-Gay 'Sea Change' on TV

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts granted an interview to Greg Hernandez of Gay Star News to discuss being “out and proud” as a news anchor. Don't say impartial news anchor.

“I feel blessed, I feel very lucky,' Roberts declared. “I love the MSNBC brand, I love my colleagues and I love this network, I love that I get to be my full self at work and I get to tackle these (LGBT) topics that are very important to our modern day conversation and the news cycle in general.” Roberts devotes at least one segment each weekday morning to the gay agenda, and like the rest of MSNBC, almost never featuresopponents. Gay Star News didn’t recognize that:

Roberts has all kinds of newsmakers and viewpoints on his show to discuss the breaking news of the day and sometimes things can get a little intense. But he tries always to keep the proceedings respectful.

“I feel it's very important to have a comfortable tone and I don't like to be combative,” he says. “Certain times it can be merited but I don't think it's all the time necessary. It's not the way I roll typically...I take a lot of pride in the fact that I don't want to do anything without respect and that isn't based on fact.”

There’s no need to be combative when the daily GLAAD Pleaser is more propaganda than combat.

Hernandez also talked about how Roberts marrying Patrick Abner was a big story in The New York Times.

“Talking about getting married and celebrating that is being recognized as a fully integrated human being,” he says. “I don't shy away from what my family means to me. I don't think because I'm a journalist that I need to abdicate what my family means and that people should know about my family.”

“I think that right now we're on a sea change of how people feel towards equality in this country concerning LGBT adults and kids,”Roberts says. “ think as we look at all the different perspectives - whether it's talking about marriage equality or sports or education - I think these are all important topics to discuss and hash out.”

MSNBC “hashes them out” in a very one-sided way. They don’t have debates between “love” and “hate.”

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