Anti-War Protesters Knock on John Kerry's Door in Boston, Media Mostly Mum

There was an anti-war protest in Boston on Saturday with some attendees marching to the Beacon Hill home of Secretary of State John Kerry and even knocking on his door.

But you likely didn't hear about this, for outside of local papers and the Associated Press, American media didn't care.

The Boston Globe reported Saturday:

As President Obama appeared on national television Saturday afternoon seeking to make his case for a military strike on Syria, Syrian-Americans and antiwar activists gathered on Boston Common to protest any proposed attack.

Standing in front of Syrian flags emblazoned with portraits of Syrian president Bashar Assad, speakers decried US plans to launch a limited strike against the country in retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack on civilians on Aug. 21.

The ideologically diverse crowd of about 100 included members of the Green-Rainbow Party and other antiwar protesters.

Protesters also marched to Secretary of State John Kerry’s home on Beacon Hill, knocking on his door, before continuing on to Faneuil Hall, where they dispersed.

The Boston Herald also reported Saturday:

Yesterday’s protest was organized by a coalition of groups including United for Justice with Peace and the Massachusetts Pirate Party, and it was one of several rallies worldwide. The protesters marched to Secretary of State John Kerry’s home on Beacon Hill and left a sign that said, “Stay out of Syria.” They then marched to Faneuil Hall.

Our dear friends at Twitchy found a Twitter member that published a picture of that sign:

You'd think protesters knocking on the Secretary of State's door and leaving such a sign would be candy for a normally anti-war media.

Think back to all the attention Cindy Sheehan got in the previous decade when she protested outside former President George W. Bush's house in Crawford, Texas.

But when protesters demonstrated in front of Kerry's house? Silence.

That's not to say media didn't cover anti-war protests over the weekend. Many outlets did indeed report such events in Washington, D.C., and other cities. But for the most part, they chose to ignore what happened on Beacon Hill Saturday.

Why do you think that might be?

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