Howard Kurtz on MLK 50: ‘At Times It Seemed to Be a Production of MSNBC’

Numerous commentators have noted that Wednesday's celebration of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s March on Washington seemed like a Democratic campaign rally.

Adding to the criticism was Fox News's Howard Kurtz writing Thursday, "[A]t times it seemed to be a production of MSNBC":

It was almost as though Obama had immunity from criticism on this day, although some conservatives said he had missed an opportunity to talk about this or that.

The march seemed to be a Democratic affair, with Bill O'Reilly observing that not a single Republican or conservative was featured as a speaker. And at times it seemed to be a production of MSNBC, which not only devoted the most airtime from the mall but licensed the right to air the 1963 dream speech from the King family.

A production of MSNBC. I don't think anyone's described it better.

Of course, with MSNBC having such an incestuous relationship with the Democratic Party and the current White House resident, exactly how do cable and satellite television providers continue to put this obvious propaganda network near other real news stations on their program guides?

What has to happen for these companies to realize that MSNBC is by no means a news network?

(HT Johnny Dollar)

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