Kevin Spacey: 'House of Cards' Filmed in Baltimore Due to 'Fantastic Tax Breaks' That Created Jobs

NewsBusters has regularly reported actor Kevin Spacey's liberal views.

Yet at the annual Edinburgh International Television Festival Friday, Spacey said his hit TV series House of Cards was filmed in Baltimore, Maryland, because of the "fantastic tax breaks."

But that's not all he said that went completely against liberal dogma.

"What we bring to the state of Maryland in terms of jobs and economy is extraordinary. We employ thousands," the Hollywood Reporter claimed he said.

So, lower taxes allow the production company to hire more people thereby helping the local economy.

 "I think there is a lot of value in that," Spacey said.

Yeah, so do conservatives.

But that doesn't sound like the guy who last August referred to Mitt Romney as a "murderous politician" or who in July called Obama "historic." 

So a liberal Hollywood star said that lower taxes create jobs and help the economy.

Then why does he support liberal politicians?

Doesn't make sense, does it?

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