Video: Noyes, Varney Discuss Liberal Chicago Tribune Turning on ObamaCare

When the president's hometown paper the Chicago Tribune turns on ObamaCare, you know it's getting real. "This is a paper that endorsed him twice [for president]" and for which former Obama campaign manager David Axelrod used to work, NewsBusters senior editor and Rich Noyes told Fox Business Network's Stuart Varney on his August 20 FBN program Varney & Co.

On top of that, Noyes reminded Varney's audience, the Tribune "was very instrumental in clearing the path for Barack Obama to win his Senate seat in 2004 [by] taking out [Republican challenger] Jack Ryan with an expose of his divorce records." As such, the paper souring on ObamaCare is newsworthy, and the liberal media's lack of interest is also accordingly also notable, Noyes argued. [watch the full segment below the page break]

"Do you think that the establishment media will start to pick holes in [ObamaCare] as the Chicago Trib has?" Varney then asked the Media Research Center research director.

"Well, the evidence is out there" and the Tribune among other newspapers and print outlets have written about the numerous problems with ObamaCare, but at the same time "these things have gotten incidental to no coverage on the Big Three broadcast networks" meaning that most Americans, those who are merely "casual news observers" are "being left in the dark about this."

"Do you think that ObamaCare is the issue which separates the establishment media from the president?" Varney pressed.

"So far it has not," Noyes noted, predicting that "if the public actually turns on ObamaCare after it begins to be implemented that you'll see the media switch" but "right now, they have no reason to."

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