Daily Kos: On the Right, a Bunch of Idiots

Sometimes liberals engage conservatives in a substantive debate about the issue at hand. Other times they just call them stupid. It happened twice on Daily Kos this past Sunday.

That morning, Mark Sumner portrayed the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) as an enabler of dumb (and lazy) Republicans:

...[C]onservatives really hate the whole business of government, including the business of governing. How many times have you heard a conservative congressman or senator complain that a bill is too long, that no one can understand those things they pass, that actually doing their job is just too hard? On any given day, Mitch McConnell can be counted on to tell you the page count on some bill he didn’t like, because sneaking a peak at the page number is all the effort Mitch is willing to put in. Ted Cruz won’t go that far. He’ll just make up a number.

With ALEC, conservatives don’t have to read. ALEC writes the bills and hands them over ready to go. They can eliminate that two percent of a congressman’s time that was still wasted on governing the country, and allow them to go back to the fundraising and networking that takes up the other 98 percent. In fact, ALEC lets them do both at once...

In the evening, "Hunter" singled out one conservative, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), as especially dense, so much so that he deserves exile from Capitol Hill (emphasis added):

...There are certainly other congressthings that are more evil (Ted Cruz, Steve King) and very, very many who are simply just batshit insane and then some (looking at you, Steve Stockman), but none of them quite manage the eats paste with a knife and fork genre that Gohmert has mastered...

...[I]f there is one member of Congress that I think really ought to be packed into a suitcase and sent back to whatever American wasteland foisted him upon us, it would be him. Bachmann I can stomach. Allen West was a walk in the park. I could even learn to live with the smarmy, thick-headed cruelty of a Ted Cruz; if we are going to have yet another McCarthyite in the Senate, we might as well choose the one who is gobsmackingly terrible at it. But please, East Texas, if you're going to send paintlickers like this to higher office then message received: We'll let you secede already. We'll let you secede and give you a lifetime supply for all the paint you can huff...

True, "Hunter" also is capable of alleging that righties are depraved as well as doltish. On Wednesday he opined that "the only core principle that remains in modern conservatism is that you need to be a gigantic asshole."

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