MSNBC Tells Women More Ignorance Is Better

MSNBC's latest panel on "women's rights," hosted by Alex Wagner, goes a long way in explaining why the network's ratings are so low.  When Americans hear "MSNBC women's rights panel," they know what they're going to get before having to watch even two seconds of it.  So why bother?

The drudgery and predictability here certainly expose the abortion movement's priorities.  Take Anne Davis, from the euphemistically named Physicians for Reproductive Health, calling out sonograms as some sort of detrimental development for women.  Since when has more and better medical information been a detriment to women, or to anyone?

The whole reason for journalists' and reporters' existence is to disseminate information - yet here we have MSNBC telling women that more ignorance is better.  Who benefits from this?  The women who suffer and die from botched abortions with alarming frequency in our country?  Or abortion corporations like Planned Parenthood, who can count on a more compliant clientele, and their backers like NARAL?

The people at MSNBC know what happens when they allow a pro-life voice on their network: the truth of fetal development, human dignity, and abortion's dangers to women seeps through, in spite of the abortion-backers' best efforts.  That's why pro-lifers are so rarely allowed on these panels.  Rather than take a second look at their outdated and unscientific biases, MSNBC's authorities prefer to keep dissenting voices far away, thus reinforcing their pro-abortion echo chamber.

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