WashPost Style Section Actually Does Decent Profile of Libertarian Comedian Remy

As regular readers of NewsBusters are well aware, the Washington Post's Style section has a habit of frequently ginning up puffy human-interest stories about all kinds of liberal politicians and celebrities. It's rare that they do a positive profile of a conservative or libertarian.

So it's worth pointing out when they do just that. In a 26-paragraph profile, Post staff writer Megan McDonough highlighted Arlington, Va., resident Remy Munasifi, a libertarian conservative YouTube sensation, whose most recent parody video "Blurred Junk" takes a swipe at Democratic New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner (that video embedded below). Here's a taste of McDonough's article. For the full thing, go here.


He’s opened for D.C.-born rapper Wale and comedian Brian Posehn, formerly of “The Sarah Silverman Program.” And now Ron Paul.

Those are among Remy Munasifi’s eclectic credits. The 33-year-old comedian has ridden his Internet fame from the mean streets of Arlington — where he rapped in 2009 about his suburban neighborhood’s propensity for brown flip-flops and Starbucks outlets — to serving as a warm-up act for the Republican congressman from Texas at a “pro-liberty” student conference last week.

Munasifi, who still lives in Arlington County and makes a living producing comedic videos, has turned his satirical eye beyond suburban yuppies and toward politics — specifically the libertarian variety.

Since 2010, Munasifi has teamed with ReasonTV, linked to the libertarian think tank Reason Foundation, to create short rap parody videos.

He has lampooned the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, the debt ceiling, Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Cuban vacation, and, most recently, Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal. One of his catchier spoofs, “Tap It: The NSA Slow Jam,” satirizes the National Security Agency’s electronic-
surveillance program.

Yeah we’re saving your searches, that’s just a reality

“Yes we can” ain’t just a slogan, it’s our view on legality

Slow-jamming the NSA story is one way that Munasifi connects with a younger audience: people who, he says, are more inclined toward libertarian views to begin with.

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