WashPost Highlights Illegal-Alien Tears, Downplays Day-Laborer Child Abuse

On the front page of Tuesday’s Metro section of The Washington Post, there is a large picture of a crying illegal alien, Jose Mejia, for a story headlined “Immigrants’ experiences, in their own words.” Post reporter Pamela Constable chronicled everything the illegal-alien lobby wanted her to chronicle, including propaganda art: “One hand-painted poster showed two enormous fists smashing into walls and homes and grabbing a terrified, naked, brown-skinned family.”

At her website, conservative talk-show star Laura Ingraham pointed out that when immigrants’ experiences include being at the center of harrowing accounts of child abuse, the Post tucks that story away on B-6:

Buried on page B6 of the Metro section in this weekend's Washington Post [Saturday's paper] was a largely ignored story  of horrific sexual and physical abuse perpetrated upon five children in Montgomery Country, MD by a native of the Dominican Republic. Adderli Jose Cruz-Rosario, whom the Washington Post refers to as a "day laborer," brutally assaulted five children—fracturing their ribs and causing brain trauma.

The Post reports that Cruz-Rosario had, "not only bitten and beaten the 19-month-old girl, but also had thrown her against a wall and pinned her to the floor with exercise weights... He also sexually assaulted her and four of her siblings, ages 6 to 11." While we have yet to confirm the citizenship status of the perpetrator—the Montgomery County PD refused to release that information—it seems very likely that Cruz-Rosario, the 'day laborer,' is an illegal immigrant (in fact, given his age, he may have even gained amnesty through Obama’s DREAM Act edict).

Both the gruesome attack and the lack of coverage it has received is an abomination. If a similar attack had been carried out upon an illegal immigrant, it would have been splashed upon the front page of every liberal dishrag available. While we are in the midst of this current immigration debate, every American deserves the right to be informed about the numerous threats that a flawed immigration reform bill poses to the hard working Americans of this country. The Washington Post and Montgomery Country PD should be ashamed and immediately release his citizenship status.

On her show Monday, an Ingraham staffer who called Montgomery County to ask if Mr. Cruz-Rosario was an illegal immigrant, the county's publicist on the line denied that information...and then giggled.

Constable's story let activists assert that somehow there is no such thing as a good or bad illegal immigrant:

There is an attempt to divide the undocumented into categories of good and bad, deserving and undeserving,” said Chris Newman, a legal adviser to the NDLON [National Day Laborer Organizing Network]. “Either you are an innocent dreamer who wants to go to Harvard, or you’re a criminal. It’s a false choice, and there is something the president can do about it.”

The words in bold were splashed at the top of the Metro page above the large photo of crying Mejia. Constable didn't ask if an illegal alien is ever guilty of murder or sexual assault. Somehow that's a "false choice," facts that don't fit the narrative.

As usual, Constable and the Post serve as unofficial publicists for the illegal-alien lobbies, and can't seem to identify these groups as leftist or even liberal. But take a look at one of the latest blog posts at the NDLON website, calling for the abolition of capitalism, white supremacy, and "heteropatriarchy":

Essentially, domestic workers and day laborers are inherently radical because they live the root problems of capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy, but also represent its root solutions. By necessity, any challenge to these systems of oppression, within the context of immigration, requires day laborers and domestic workers to be in the frontlines.

Migrant workers feel the brunt of capitalism, white supremacy, and heteropatriarchy. Prone to rebellion, they are a group that has everything and nothing to lose, all at the same time. These workers are our urban farmworkers, deeply dispossessed and marginalized in modern-day corporate capitalism.

In the sense of systematic subordination, a “comprehensive immigration reform” will bring no meaningful long-term solution. Our people will still remain in between the borders (neither human nor slave), and the undocumented brown shadow class will continue to exist. The systems of capitalism, white supremacy, and heteropatriarchy which manufacture “legal” and “illegal” categories will go unchallenged. Capitalism needs a fragmented, undocumented, and gendered jornalero/a labor force in order to sustain itself.

To achieve Brown Liberation, economic subordination, white supremacy and heteropatriarchy must be equally and directly challenged and abolished.

[Art from the NDLON Arts and Culture page]

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