'CNN Shame On You' Signs Appear in Cairo

It appears some Egyptians are not pleased with CNN's coverage of last week's coup.

According to numerous sources including CNN senior international correspondent Ben Wedeman, the following sign is appearing in the crowds in Tahrir square:

This picture shows two such signs and one protesting Barack Obama:

This appeared to start Wednesday when a petition surfaced at Causes.com called "CNN...shame on you":


You should be ashamed of yourself. Your coverage of the revolution was totally biased in favor of the MB, just like your Government.

MB of course stands for Muslim Brotherhood. At press time, 39,506 people had signed the petition.

This picture of CNN's logo merged with that of the Muslim Brotherhood seems to support this theory:

NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen observed Sunday:

Blake Hounshell, the deputy editor of Politico, believes this CNN screenshot might be the culprit:

Notice the caption in the upper-right corner reading "Cairo/Pro-Morsy Pr..."

Whatever the cause, the anti-CNN sentiment has impacted Wedeman's reporting:

And the protests have moved to America. CNN's New York headquarters:

Funny how a station nobody watches can evoke so much ire.

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