Roseanne Barr Rumored to be Getting New NBC Sitcom

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your TV set again, Roseanne Barr is rumored to be returning to NBC in a primetime family sitcom.

Deadline Hollywood reported moments ago:

I’ve learned that NBC is finalizing a deal for a new comedy series the Roseanne alumna is co-writing with Nurse Jackie co-creator/former co-showrunner Linda Wallem. I hear the project, a multi-camera family comedy, is intended as going straight to series under the 10/90 model used by Lionsgate’s Debmar-Mercury for the Tyler Perry sitcoms on TBS and most recently Anger Management at FX...I hear Barr and Wallem are currently working on the script in Hawaii where Barr resides.

So NBC is really considering giving this woman a new show?

I guess they haven't been following her antics since finishing her last show:

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Is this really the kind of person NBC wants on its network?

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