MSNBC’s Roberts Literally ‘Leans Forward’ to Push Ohio Dem to Make ‘Special Announcement’

When certain liberal politicians appear on MSNBC, Thomas Roberts tends to act less like a so-called journalist and more like a Democrat fan boy. Take for instance a June 28th interview with frequent MSNBC guest Nina Turner, Democratic state senator from Ohio, brought on to discuss a myriad of liberal pet issues.

Following a typical MSNBC interview in which Roberts and Turner tag-teamed to slam the GOP over abortion and voting rights, Roberts literally leaned forward to ask Ms. Turner some “big news, an announcement that you want to make right now?” [See video after jump. MP3 audio here.]

MSNBC has a history of acting as an extension of numerous Democratic campaigns, so Roberts’ decision to jump at the opportunity to promote another Democrat should come as no surprise to our readers. After refusing to make an announcement to Roberts, Turner teased the liberal host, by promising “a special announcement on Monday." "You'll have to have me back for that," she suggested.

Turner is rumored to announce on Monday that she plans to run for Ohio’s Secretary of State in 2014. Roberts, clearly upset that he has to wait until Monday continued to pry Ms. Turner, begging her to let him in on the secret:

Oh, what a tease. A special announcement on Monday. Lean in real close, just give me a whisper…Hold on, let me get closer to this camera, hold on.

This is not the 1st time Roberts has used his show to push for a liberal agenda. In October 2012 the MSNBC host actually instructed his viewers how they should vote on upcoming state referendums dealing with gay marriage. MSNBC prides itself on its "progressive"/liberal leanings, with its slogan being “Lean Forward” but this appears to be the first time that an MSNBC host physically leaned forward pushing his or her liberal agenda.


See relevant transcript below.



June 28, 2013

11:40 a.m. Eastern

THOMAS ROBERTS: Well joining me right now is state senator Nina Turner, a Democrat from Ohio which is in the midst of its one abortion or excuse me, in the midst of its own abortion battle. State senator thanks for being here.

NINA TURNER: Thanks, Thomas.

ROBERTS: As we talk about what we witnessed out of Texas, what's your reaction to Rick Perry's comments to Wendy Davis, and basically what they're trying to do with jamming through this abortion bill once again?

TURNER: Very callous his comments are and how dare he presume to judge her journey and the senator is absolutely right, this is about choice for women. She is absolutely a shero here in Ohio and across the country for standing up for a woman's right to choose. You know, given her journey, we should be celebrating all of her accomplishments instead of trying to be judgmental and telling her what she should be standing for or not as the governor is doing. There are a lot of people needing health care in Texas he needs to call a special session for that.

ROBERTS: Well shero I like that term and I think a lot of people in Ohio probably reference you in that name because you became famous for introducing a Viagra bill to counteract  the Republicans anti-contraception efforts in your own state and now Republican governor John Kasich could sign into law a trio of restrictive abortion measures. I just want to show everybody the scene outside the state house where pro-choice advocates rallied against those measures. And after the measures passed the reaction from those watching from the floor, look at this

UNKNOWN PEOPLE: Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you!

ROBERTS: Heard there from the gallery saying "shame on you." The measures were slipped into the budget and it includes the defunding of Planned Parenthood and a fetal heartbeat amendment. Explain your reaction to the governor as he contemplates signing that.

TURNER: Well, really Thomas my plea to the governor is to line item veto. We do not have filibuster capacity here in Ohio, but the governor will have the opportunity to stand up for the women in this state and to say to the women that I support your right to choose, your right to have a relationship with your doctor. We got a lot of elected officials in the state of Ohio practicing medicine without a license. This is about high quality health care for women, Thomas. That is what this is about and I am hoping the governor has until Sunday that he will stand up for women and do the right thing.

ROBERTS: And it's about finding that dynamic about high quality and affordable health care for all women. One thing I do want to get your take on the historic blow to the 1964 Civil Rights Act dealt by the Supreme Court this week, even as the higher court granted rights to same-sex couples in this country your state was one where African-Americans won and fought about restriction of blacks at the polls in 2012. Do you think this is going to bolster Republicans who want to enact more voting laws in your state?

TURNER: In my state yes, most likely. They have a super majority in both chambers but it's already happening Thomas across this country. And I agree Congressman John Lewis when he said that the United States Supreme court took a dagger through the heart of the Voting Rights Act and we are going backwards and I am as well as others are calling on this congress to stand up and do the right thing and restore that section to the voting rights act. This is about equality and justice for all folks. There are two great equalizers in this nation, one is education but the other is access to the ballot.

ROBERTS: One thing I understand you have some big news, an announcement that you want to make right now?

TURNER: Oh, Thomas, a special announcement on Monday, you'll have to have me back for that.

ROBERTS: Oh, what a tease. A special announcement on Monday. Lean in real close, just give me a whisper.

TURNER: You know I can't do that, Thomas.

ROBERTS: Hold on, let me get closer to this camera, hold on.

TURNER: Folks can definitely follow me on twitter @ninaturner or ninaturner.Org.

ROBERTS: Monday, though we will know for sure.

TURNER: Monday, special announcement, yes.

ROBERTS: Okay, alright thank you so much, Ohio state senator Nina Turner thank you.

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