Pelosi Booed at Liberal Conference for Saying Snowden Broke the Law

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was booed by liberal activists Saturday for defending President Obama on the NSA’s surveillance programs and saying leaker Edward Snowden broke the law.

This occurred during a Q&A session at the far-left Netroots Nation conference in San Jose.

As Pelosi was saying the country needs a “balance” between security and privacy, a man shouted, "It’s not a balance. It’s not constitutional!...No secret laws!”

Officials then escorted the man from the room as others showed support for him by shouting, "Leave him alone!” and “That’s what a police state looks like right there!”

But the real booing started when Pelosi said, "As far as Snowden, he did – and I may be in disagreement with you – he did violate the law in terms of releasing those documents."

You can't tell from the video, but according to Politico, a man in the crowd shouted, "You suck!”

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