NBC, ABC Ignore Obama's Falling Approval Rating; CBS, CNN, MSNBC Report It

On Monday morning, NBC and ABC ignored a new poll showing President Obama's approval had fallen by eight points in a month, from 53 to 45 percent. CNN reported on its own poll numbers, while CBS and MSNBC picked up the numbers as well.  

While CBS This Morning briefly reported the poll numbers, CNN touted them repeatedly throughout the morning. New Day co-host Chris Cuomo said the President's image was "taking a beating," while correspondent Jessica Yellin noted that his support among young voters has "collapsed" and "is an astonishing cratering."

MSNBC's The Daily Rundown relayed the poll numbers as well, reporting a "much greater downward spiral among young Americans."

ABC's Good Morning America and NBC's Today didn't catch the poll numbes, but they did find time to highlight video of a teenage boy riding a whale shark. Today also discussed the "trending" Google searches from over the weekend.

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