HuffPo Hypes F-Word Celebrity Campaign

When you’re faced with bullying, then clearly you should be obscene and crass. That’s what HuffPo suggested in their coverage of an anti-bullying campaign called “The New F Word,” a photo campaign using pictures of celebrities flipping the bird in response to bullying.

HuffPo’s “Gay Voices” hailed the obscene photo campaign as “groundbreaking,” and gave a sample slideshow and links to support the project or buy tickets to its fundraising concert. The photo campaign includes such famous faces as Tim Gunn, Adam Lambert, Frenchie Davis, Carmen Electra, LeAnn Rimes, Lance Bass, and Aubrey O'Day--all posing for the camera with the infamous obscene gesture.

“The New F Word” organizers Ronnie Kroell and Elliott London claim they want to “empower individuals.” “The opposite of bullying is friendship,” they proclaimed on their fundraiser page for the obscenity-based project. “While we may not be able to fully eradicate bullying, we can commit to being better friends to one another - to ourselves.” Maybe they think friendship involves giving each other the finger.  

Gone are the days when the iconic response to bullying was the quiet dignity of Atticus Finch and his respectful-but-determined standing up for what is right. But then, ugly and inappropriate reactions to bullying are nothing new to the left. Crass sex columnist Dan Savage, for instance, leads an anti-bullying campaign while bullying Christians and conservatives. And anti-bullying movements in the past have also been hijacked by activists for the gay agenda in film and in TV shows.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” apparently isn’t the M.O. of social behavior anymore--at least not for HuffPo and the activists it endorses.