While Leftists Rail Against Koch Brothers' Newspaper Plans, Warren Buffett Buys 'Worst Newspaper In Virginia'

While leftists hyperventilate at the thought that the conservative Koch brothers might buy the Los Angeles Times, liberal financier Warren “Please Raise My Taxes” Buffett has bought another newspaper in Virginia, the Roanoke Times, the 29th daily newspaper owned by Buffett’s BH Media. (He owns another 40 papers that are less than daily.)

One reason liberals aren’t upset is that the Roanoke paper has been slashed by conservatives as a liberal rag. Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli has been blunt. It seems there’s a newspaper in the state that’s worse for Republicans than The Washington Post.

On the Laura Ingraham show, Cuccinelli said the Roanoke Times was “the worst newspaper in Virginia.” 

The Times joins a growing number of Virginia daily newspapers — including those in Bristol, Charlottesville, Danville, Lynchburg and Richmond — to be acquired in recent years by BH Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. No price was disclosed, but BH Media insisted there were no plans for staff cuts.

PS: See Larry Bell at Forbes and his recent article on Koch Bros./Murdoch vs. Soros/Buffett.

PPS: Whatever you do, don't look at this lady's fruit-salad shirt. Did she buy that? In a store?

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