Is 'Women’s Concert for Change' Just More Liberal Propaganda?

Call me skeptical, but the upcoming "Women's Concert for Change" on NBC has the distinct odor of being yet another Obama administration propaganda tool.

Produced by Gucci's, the concert will be a venerable Who's Who of liberal performers from Beyonce and Madonna to Julia Roberts, Ben Affleck, Arianna Huffington and even Archbishop Desmond Tutu. 

Yes, Chime for Change absolutely does some good work in educating women throughout the world. NewsBusters' Tim Graham writes that Chimes for Change is a "new campaign to 'raise funds and awareness for female empowerment around the world, distributed to non-profit organizations focused in the key areas of education, health care and justice'…Among their 'justice' campaigns is 'Increasing the organizing impact of lesbians in Mexico."

(Personally I'd prefer they focus on stopping the beheadings in Mexico instead of organizing lesbians, but that's just me…)

Unfortunately, in the hands of the wrong people, even good intentions can become bad.  In this case, it seems like it's going to be yet another concert packed with Obama worshipers, giving it the potential of becoming less about educating women in Pakistan and more about brainwashing Twitter followers into believing Obama's progressive ideology is good for America.

Not to mention the word "justice" in the hands of these folks should always be a little disconcerting.  

The best part of the concert (aka perpetual Obama administration campaign) is that they are also featuring "Humaira:  The Dream Catcher", a documentary about Humaira Bachal's fight to educate young women in her Pakistani community. Through Humaira's work, she is encouraging mothers not to marry off their daughters so young and to allow them to complete their education. 

Other than that, one can only imagine the propaganda that will be thoroughly packaged and sold to the American public.  At least Sandra Fluke isn't scheduled to plead for free birth control. 


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