Not In the MSNBC Talking Points: Virginia's 2013 Democrat Candidates Are Pro-Abortion Extremists

As MSNBC and Chuck Todd recycle the hidebound liberal argument that perhaps the new black GOP nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia is "out of the mainstream" on abortion, no one expects the Maddow Network to do the same for the Democrats.

State. Sen Ralph Northam, one of the two LG candidates who will be on the primary ballot on June 11, is so proud to be associated with the abortion-on-demand industry of Planned Parenthood that he posted a picture of himself with Planned Parenthood boss Cecile Richards at the top of his "Issues" page, insisting the latest laws "embarrass the Commonwealth" by mandating an ultrasound before an abortion and imposing hospital standards on abortion clinics:


I am deeply disturbed by the Republican assault on women’s reproductive rights led by Governor Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.  Their crusades to shut down reproductive health centers and to mandate costly and invasive medical procedures for women seeking abortions have embarrassed the Commonwealth, and have inserted government between doctors and their patients.

The other Democrat in the race, Aneesh Chopra – a former Obama aide – sounds the same feminist-left notes. In his less prominent page on "Standing With Women," he soon  changes the subject to other women’s issues, like their lower representation in math and science fields. He proclaimed:

Right now, Virginia is unfortunately known for a government that is openly hostile to women. Time and time again, we’ve seen our elected leaders play politics with the lives of women, bowing to pressure from the extreme end of their party. We have failed to respect and empower women in Virginia. Any discussion of women's rights in Virginia must include more than just the latest Republican assault on healthcare choices and reproductive rights.

Further down the page, he suggests he would repeal all pro-life laws and almost end the pro-life activism:

End the attacks on women’s healthcare choices and reproductive rights. As Lt. Governor I will vote against any legislation that limits a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions. I will push for repeal of the recently passed “TRAP” laws targeting women’s health clinics, as well as repeal of the mandatory ultrasound law.

So the Democrats are not extreme in this state?

In case you missed it, on February 24, 2012, MSNBC star Rachel Maddow mocked Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell in an interview with Karen Finney: “I know as the Democrats’ communications director you’d never call anybody Gov. Vaginal Probe.”

On an issue as simple as requiring an abdominal ultrasound before an abortion, Finney cast Republicans as literal lady-killers: “I think they’re also not paying attention to the fact that women have very much been awakened over the last several months. Again, look at these Republican legislatures and these sort of anti-women bills, you know, having to prove that you were raped in order to, you know, use Medicare, Medicaid, to have an abortion. I mean, some of the, you know, redefining rape, letting women die.”

But when it comes to an industry of death, Terry McAuliffe is just as happy and proud of Planned Parenthood's support as Ralph Northam is, as you can see from this photo on his Facebook page:

Conservatives in Virginia and across America are sick and tired of blatantly partisan reporters pretending that the pro-life side are extremists, and those liberals who support abortion at any time for any reason (and with taxpayer subsidies) are somehow not "out of the mainstream."

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