'Fire Jon Karl' -- The New Liberal Petition at Change.org

Obama-loving leftists really can’t stand anyone questioning Obama. On Sunday morning on the Democratic Underground, they were circulating a new Change.org petition to “Fire Jon Karl” of ABC News.

“DOJ could look at Jonathan Karl’s phone records,” cracked one DU poster. The petition expresses the peculiar thought that anti-Obama journalism is too ideological to deserve First Amendment protection: 

When our media peddles lies as truth for ideological ends, it misinforms & disinforms the People & undermines the Democracy which we are pledged to defend. Such acts deserve NO Constitutional protection.

ABC News is apparently in the business of "peddling lies" to hurt Obama. Liberals were upset that Karl's reporting on the Benghazi talking-points e-mails was inaccurate. Joan Walsh at Salon is angry that Karl didn't make some sort of on-air correction on "This Week" -- as if the networks are good at on-air corrections without a lawsuit pending.

The petition included a link to an article from the far-left group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting – from mid-2011.

Under the petition at Change.org, Jesse Bradshaw of Los Angeles complained: “It is important because Jon Karl is using his position of power at ABC to attack the President. It is not the medias job to create, enhance, or make up the news. This is a travesty!!!”

On the DU thread, it was complaining about Karl’s reporting on Benghazi e-mails within Team Obama: “Anti-American, lying, Right-wing Republican Propaganda Pimps should have no place on network news.”

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