Cartoonist on Fertilizer Plant Explosion: 'Business Is Booming in Texas!'

Syndicated cartoonist Jack Ohman should be ashamed of himself.

On Thursday, he published a cartoon depicting Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) saying "Business is booming in Texas" next to a drawing of the fertilizer plant explosion near Waco:

Notice Perry is standing in front of a banner that says "Low Tax! Low Regs!" The same banner is in the drawing of the explosion.

So Ohman is using an explosion that killed 14 people, injured 200, and destroyed up to 50 homes to make a political statement about Texas.

Imagine the outrage if a cartoonist made a similar statement about the liberal states and governors of Connecticut and Massachusetts in the wake of Newtown and the Boston Marathon bombing.

That would surely be considered unacceptable.

But using a tragedy to bash a conservator state and governor.

Have at it!

(HT NB reader Jeremy Cox)

Rick Perry
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