Moral High Ground? Kornacki Guest Casts Gun Debate As 'Enthusiasts' Vs. 'People Against Gun Violence'

Do you oppose President Obama's gun control proposals?  Well then, you must not be against gun violence.  So suggested a guest this morning on the new MSNBC show, Up With Steve Kornacki.

Leah Gunn Barrett [insert wisecrack on middle name here], of "New Yorkers Against Gun Violence," was trying to explain away why Second Amendment advocates do so well politically.  According to her, gun "enthusiasts" are single-issue voters with good grassroots organization. In contrast, "people who are against gun violence" aren't as well organized.  View the video after the jump.

Watch how this liberal tries to claim the moral high-ground.


LEAH GUNN BARRETT: The people who are the gun enthusiasts, so-called, they are single-issue voters and they are very well organized at the grassroots. The gun safety people, of which i would count myself, people who are against gun violence, haven't organized the same way at the grassroots level.

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