Social Liberalism, Everywhere in the New York Times

Here's proof that declarations of social liberalism are everywhere in the New York Times. Erik Piepenburg has an article on fans of the cult horror movie "The Evil Dead." The star of that 1981 film, Bruce Campbell, is behind a new, different version. But "For some fans no remake is worth their attention."

The star of the article is Zack Carlson, a writer for the horror movie Web site Bleeding Skull. Carlson wouldn't "watch it at gunpoint,"  adamant that he will be “aggressively and violently” ignoring the new “Evil Dead.” Unlike his ardor for abortion and gay marriage, which were somehow inserted into this story:

“Gay marriage and abortion and ‘Evil Dead’ are issues I feel strongly about,” Mr. Carlson said. “I’m completely in support of the first two and completely opposed to the ‘Evil Dead’ remake.”

[HT: fadeinlight]

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