'Time' Editor: I'm 'A Little Biased' In Favor Of European Socialized Medicine

Watching "Time" editor Rana Foroohar in action on Morning Joe today, it was quickly evident how, on a range of issues from gun control to gay marriage, she toed a predictable liberal line.

But it wasn't until talk turned to health care that it became apparent just how far out Foroohar is on the left. She sang the praises of single-payer on steroids--the socialized system in the UK. Willie Geist had cited a USA Today article reporting on a non-partisan study projecting medical claim costs to rise an average of 32% under ObamaCare, and as much as 80% in Ohio.  Asked if she were surprised, Foroohar said such state-to-state variations are to be expected given our "patchwork" system. She then admitted to "a little bias, because I lived and worked Europe for many years and I had two children under the national health care system in britain. I do think you get the big efficiencies in costs when you have one system that is connected."  View the video after the jump.

No surprise that "Time", run by such out-of-touch liberals, threatens to go the way of the Newsweek dodo.

Note: during the presidential campaign, NB busted Foroohar favoring more government spending and opposing tax cuts.


WILLIE GEIST: A new study finds President Obama's landmark healthcare overhaul may prove costly for the very people it was meant to help.  The nonpartisan Society of Actuaries predicts medical claim costs will rise an average of 32% under the Affordable Care Act and likely will increase premiums for people who don't get insurance through their employers. The jump in medical claims costs is expected to vary by state. By 2017 Florida would see an estimated 20% increase, with California's costs going up 62% and Ohio's rising something like 80% according to the study. The Obama administration was quick to dismiss the study as speculative, but Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius did acknowledge some people will see their health care costs go up. Surprised by those numbers at all, Rana?

RANA FOROOHAR: Well, I'm not surprised by the state-by-states blip. The fact that we have this patch-work system in this country increases costs. I have a little bit of a bias because I lived and worked in Europe for many years and in fact I had two children under the National Health care system in Britain. And I really do think you get the big efficiencies in costs when you have one system that's connected, the technology is the same across a country. I'm not surprised to see that kind of differentiation between the states.