Letterman: Biden Bests Hillary's Pandering for Gay Vote By Dating Obama

David Letterman on Wednesday took some shots at Hillary Clinton’s obvious pandering for gay votes with her flip-flop on same-sex marriage earlier this week.

After saying Clinton will give free pantsuits to every gay couple that ties the knot, the CBS Late Show host aired a mock video demonstrating just how far Joe Biden is willing to go to win in 2016.

With Clinton pictured on the screen, an announcer said, “In an effort to bolster her presidential run in 2016, Hillary Clinton has announced her new support for same-sex marriage. And now, possible 2016 presidential candidate Joe Biden will like to say not only is he in favor of same-sex marriage, but he’s going the extra mile.”

The picture switched to Biden and President Obama sitting next to each other on the same side of a restaurant table moving in for a kiss.

Before their lips met, the picture changed to one of Biden by himself smiling with his thumbs up behind a caption that read, “Joe Biden: All In.”

Beyond the comedic value, what's the subliminal message here?

Was Letterman just mocking the pandering for the gay vote that will clearly happen in 2016, or was this just a very high-profile reference to homosexuality - the President and the Vice President theoretically engaging in it - to further the agenda?

If the writers gave it enough thought, maybe both.

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