War on Women, Anyone? Vast Majority of Obama White House's Top-paid Staffers Are Men

Seventy-percent of the White House staffers who made the top annual salary of $172,200 in 2012 were men and 30 percent were women, according to a White House report on staff compensation.

In addition, men on the White House staff are paid, on average, $86,260.89 and women are paid, on average, $76,162.65. That means the average man on the White House staff is paid about $10,098--about 13 percent--more than the average woman.

In Obama's White House, women on average earn only 88.3 percent of what the men earn.

Those numbers conflict with the pay-equity philosophy espoused by the president and his administration.

Excerpted from our sister site CNSNews.com. You can read the full story, "70% of Highest-Paid Obama White House Staffers Are Men," at CNSNews's website.

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